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Office: 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle

Boat Storage

Bridge Outside Storage is the best place in Seattle to store a boat, park a boat trailer or store a boat. Best of all, our primary storage lot for boats is near the city's popular West Seattle boat launch. We also offer boat storage in Ballard, North Seattle, West Seattle, Magnolia/Interbay, Fishermen's Terminal and Woodinville.

Sailboat Storage Seattle

We'll find a perfect location to park your sailboat, motorboat, yacht or pleasure craft. Kayaks, rowboats, canoes — anything that fits inside one of our dry boat storage yards is welcome. And it won't cost you and arm and a leg.

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Call 206-204-2222 for outdoor boat storage availability and the latest monthly rates.

Winter Boat Storage

Our boat storage lots are in North Seattle, West Seattle, Fishermen's Terminal, Magnolia/Interbay, Woodinville & Ballard.

In addition to those conveniently located facilities our Jack Block Park Outside Storage Lot in West Seattle is perfect for boat storage. It's securely fenced and Port of Seattle Police regularly patrol the facility.

Most boat storage facillities limit access to your boat to specific hours and days. Our lots feature 24/7 easy access. You can park or access your boat anytime of the day or night.